Do you bath with h*)t water during winter

Every people in winter wants to bath with warm water, no one wants cold water. But you need to be careful before bathing with warm water. Bathing with warm water might be harmful. According to skin specialist bathing with cold water it will be harmful for skin as well as hair. So you need to use light warm water to bath.

bathYou shouldn’t bath for more than 10 minutes. This will make your skin dry and crack. If you think that warm water relax your muscles than you are wrong. This affects the natural oil and makes the skin rough and dry. You can bath with light warm or cold water in between rather than bathing with h*)t water. This will keep the skin soft. The temperature gets changed and it won’t match with the body temperature. On this case you will suffer from common cold, sneezing etc.

You should avoid bathing with soap with good smell. This will start the itching problem as well as makes skin dry. You need to apply moisturizer and massage because dry skin cause bacteria and roughness as well as allergy. You shouldn’t use the net to clean the body for long. You should change it in each 3 months. Old net might cause bacteria and skin problem increases.