What types of girls do boys like

People complains a lots about their partner. Mostly they complain about care and time and this brings the negative impact in their relationship. There comes the distance between lovers due to small things. Here are some things where you can know what boys wants from their girl.


Dependent Most of the boys wants a girl who is dependent so that they could care themselves and afford their own expenses. Understanding Boys loves the girl who understands. They likes the girl whom they knows. They wants the answer from their girl when they wants. Most of the problems comes when girl don’t confess their feelings with their man. Space Boys wants space.

They don’t want a girl who tries to control them so they wants space. Habit Boy’s won’t like their girl to tease him in front of her friend. Relationship affects if such happens. Respect To make relation strong, you need to respect each other and the boy wants the girl who will respect him.