3 formulas you shouldn’t forget while bathing

For proper health you need to bath regularly. In myth it is written that bathing before sunrise is good for health. Even our ancestors used to bath before sunrise. After bathing there is a trend of giving water to Sun, doing this it is believed that our heart will be peace.

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Way to bath according to myth Dev bath :
Everyone are busy nowadays so they bath after sun rise. But bathing before sunrise is called dev bath.
You need to say many mantras according to this bath. While bathing you need to wash your head first which is good in both religious as well as scientific way.

Brahma Bath
Bathing in the morning around 4 to 5 is called brahma bath. It is believed that they will be blessed by their kulayan god.

Rishi bath
Bathing when the stars are on the sky is called rishi bath. Danab bath Bathing at evening or after sunset is considered sin. Bathing at sun rise or night is called danab bath. It is considered wrong type of bath