Shine your teeth in 2 minutes

Everyone loves to leave good impact in others. Shiny and white teeth also falls under it. This will affect your smile and you can impress other people too. If you want to look good and smile than you need to tackle with your teeth. If teeth is not clean than the face won’t impress and due to this many people lose self confidence. If you do proper care than you can make your teeth white and shine.


Plaque gets stuck in teeth and it will look yellow if you won’t clean it. Eating some food continue and more medicine may result pale teeth. Here are home remedies that will make teeth shine in two minutes.

1. 1 spoon baking soda.
2. 1 spoon lemon juice.

Keep baking soda in one bowl and add lemon juice on it . After it gets ready with the help of napking apply it on teeth. After 2 minutes wash teeth with clean water. After that go to mirror and you will find your teeth white than before and you can smile with no care.