Facts that is joined with dreams

Most of us sees dreams and we dream about the thing that we wants. When the dream is good that is good but when it’s bad your 6 hours sleep gets disturbed. It is said that lots of answers is given by our dreams. So here is the things that could make you believe:

1. Black and white dream Every dreams are not colorful. Only 12% people sees the black and white dream. So now you need to care if the dreams that you see is black and white or colorful?

2. Gender percent In males dream around 70% males comes and in female 50%. Female sees female or female around the number of male. Female mostly sees the fight of male. Because the female cannot say anything to her husband and that gets complete in dreams.

3. Negative dreams Most of the person sees bad dreams. According to research the anger, pain and fear is according to the dream that the person sees. This vibes is mostly negative.

4. Face that is known We mostly see the face that we know and that we cannot forget. The person we know might not see in real for long time so we see them on dreams.

5. Everyone sees dreams You might hear that someone says I have seen you on dreams, but this dream is seen by all but some might not remember this dream.

6. Search on dreams Many scientist has found lots of things that the person sees on dreams.

7. Mind active We might think that mind is peace while sleeping but doctor says that while sleeping brain gets mostly active.

8. Dream of the person whose eyes are tied Even the people who doesn’t see through the eyes sees the dreams. But their dream will be very interesting and the many things are included there.

9. Animals dreams You might have seen the animals sleeping and moving their body parts while sleeping. They are on dream that time.

10 Sleep paralysis During dream some people gets close and tries to catch you and you feel like the incident is happening near you. On that time brain gets one sided and it is hard to send the message to another side and the things won’t happen like you want.