8 reason for the d@mage of mobile

Everyone prefers phone with proper feature, they are ready to pay the amount for the feature that they wants. Everyone wants to keep the expensive phone for long time. Even with the lots of care the phone might get crack and the mobile set gets d@amaged soon as well. Due to simple mistake you might lose expensive phone.

1. You need to know where did you keep the phone at home, if you keep at the edge of the table than you need to be careful.

2. Many people will have the habit of using phone at restroom. On this condition there might be the risk of getting water inside the phone.

3. You need to use the mobile cover according the set of the phone so that this will prevent from getting crack.

4. You need to keep temper glass in the mobile this will prevent the screen from scratch. It cost a lot to chance the screen so use temper glass to prevent it.

5. You need to catch phone properly as most of the phone gets d@mage after they fall. You need to use the cover so that it won’t slip.

6. Due to the water and cold the phone gets d@amage so you shouldn’t catch phone with wet hand. It is better not to use phone while eating, drinking or swimming.

7. You should prevent it from h*ot temperature as well. You should keep it away from stove, gas, chimney etc.

8. You shouldn’t use spray while cleaning the phone. You can clean it with little alcohol in cloth. You shouldn’t clean with wet cloth in the inner part of phone.