Such foods increases $*x power

In the beginning of marriage life couples gets excited for $*x. But this gets lower day by day and due to this the relation gets affected. The interest on $*x gets reduced due to the hormones. Include the following food to balance your $*x life.

Chilly will keep $*x driving fresh. This will increase the chemical named androform and this will keep the want of $*x fresh. Doctors suggest chilly to keep the want of $*x fresh.

Butter pop corn
Popcorn that is cooked on butter helps to keep the $*x wants fresh. This will increase the $*x power. The blood flow increase 9 time more in the lower part of the body of male due to the popcorn with butter.

Banana is very essential to keep the $*x hormone in the body. This reduces the stress and increases the hormone. This will increase the bromeliane enzyme in male body.

This helps to prevent from erectile infection in male. This will increase the blood pressure and the antioxidant on it helps to keep the cells safe.

This contains citriuline named chemical that increases the blood flow and s*x desire.

This contains alisin that increases the s*x drive and this balances the s*x power.

Red wine
This increases the s*x desire in women and this reliefs the pressure in muscles and keeps the mood fresh and is good for s*x drive.