7 ways to save your eyes

Healthy eyes can see objects clear with no pain. People who has no healthy eyes will have the blur vision. Eye pains when you see something. The focus must be changed to see different objects. It is better to have moment in eyes. You need to watch a little than whole. This will relax the eyes. Here are some things to use your eyes in different ways.

1. Blink
You need to blink your eyes continuously. You need to be careful at first but later this will be habit. You need to blink twice at one time, you will feel relax while blinking eyes.

2. Studying and writing
You should keep the books and copies at distance. It should be around 12 inch distance. After studying for 1 hour you need to give it rest. You can drop cold water and make it feel relief. It is good to cover eyes with both eyes.

3. Study while traveling
You should stop reading while travelling instead you need to see the object outside the window.

4. Study at night
You shouldn’t study at bright light. The light of table lamp shouldn’t be focused at book. It should be at the side and tube light is good to study.

5. Cinema TV
You should watch less TV and child less than 12 years old should watch less TV. You need to watch from distance and pull over the chin and blink eyes.

6. Stitching
While stitching you need to revolve eye along with eyes. You shouldn’t focus it on same place.

7. Spectacles
You should avoid cheap spectacles. For eyes proper light is necessary. You shouldn’t wear spectacles for whole day and night, weak eyes will be the victims of many other diseases.