Your friend have an eye on your boyfriend

1. Your friend’s behavior suddenly changes. Your friend who used to be with you all the time starts to back bite about you, and shows her disagreement in small things you say.

2. When you start to talk about your lover to your friend, you start to say good things about him. She starts to get angry or does not care about what you say. She only says okay as an answer.

3. If you three are talking together, look out for your friend’s eyes. If she is looking at your lover on the eyes time and again and she does not care about what you say, this might be a sign.

4. Your friends talks about your lover even when you two are alone, she talks about him and she even forces you to meet him time and again.

5. If she wants to take suggestions from your lover even for the smallest things. 6. She wants the approval of your boyfriend even while going shopping or restaurant.

7. She did not use to do make up or dress good previously but when ever she is meeting your lover, she comes in full makeup and dresses then there is something to worry about.

8. When you three meet, she wants to stay close to your lover and laughs at small jokes of your lover.

9. When your friend talk to your lover, she bites her lips and talks in a very $exy manner.