What is Skin Tumor and its prevention measures

There might be a small lump on the skin which are at the outside of skin and some are come from inside. These types of lumps are treated as skin tumor. Those outside lump are harmful than those which come from inside. Here are the some measure about why these types of lump are produce and how to get rid from these types of problems.

Reason of such lumps:
1. The main reason is not yet known but most of the people who suffers from diabetes, kidney problem and asthama faces this problems in high proportion.

2. Due to imbalance of hormone.

3. Disturbance in blood circulation.

4. Heridity Risk of such lumps: Those lumps which are produced at outside of skin are not so harmful. 90% of those lumps dismiss after certain period of time but those lumps which are come inside of skin are more dangerous which may cause Cancer.

How to know that lump produce outside or from inside?
Most of the lumps are seen like come from inside because both types of lumps have same nature. People doesn’t distinguished those type of lump, most consult with doctors. Lumps which are produce outside are called as Wart. Generally, on hands, legs, neck and those part where skin are contrast, warts appear. Beside this, due to hormone also warts produce and dismiss after certain time. Most of the people use blade, syringe and other weapons to cut warts which is more harmful.