How to give birth to a healthy baby

Infection and hereditary diseases: According to Dr, Karki, most important things is to know about the condition of women’s womb, ability, heredity diseases and potential of giving birth. Knowing about problems related to heart, pressure etc is also important. It is also iportant to know about STD’s like HIV, Hepatitis B etc.

If baby gets ovulated in case of infection, there is changes of death of mother, abnormal baby etc. So, it is important for women to get different kinds of tests like urine, blood, HIV etc. it is even important to get additional tests as seen in other women.

Balanced diet: Before getting pregnant, it is important for couple to have a balanced diet. Couple have to be careful about diet before 6 months or even more. Balanced diet keeps mental and physical health good. Balanced diet makes sperm of men strong and healthy. And in women it makes the egg strong. A good environment is created for the baby to grow and there is less change of having blood deficiency. It also increases ability of women to bear the labor pain. Balanced diet helps to get rid of toxins from the body and they should also consume more folic acid. Folic acid is a medicine which has vitamins and other compounds. This prevents problems in the growth of child. Women should consume it for 13 weeks of pregnancy. Iron is also very important. Pregnant women need 2 times more iron. lack of iron can be harmful for both mother and child.

Quit smoking and drinking: Couple who are planning to have a baby must quit smoking, drinking coffee, alcohol, tobacco etc. a month early. These kinds of materials increases the risk of having an unhealthy baby. Women should also not take medicines of fever, sleep pills and pain medicines. It increases the chance of miscarriage. These medicines affect the mental and physical growth of baby. They can be abnormal or have less weight.

High emotions and regular health checkups: During pregnancy, both mother and father should have a good emotion. During ovulation, the more stress free the mother is, the healthier the child will be. And after getting pregnant, it is important to get regular health check ups and they should eat healthy food, avoid carrying weight etc.

Oral health: Couples who are planning to have children also must be careful about their oral health. Child is healthy as per the food eaten by the mother. But if the mother has oral problems, it will also affect the child. Pregnant women can not be given medicine so, they should be aware about it from the beginning.