This is what happens when you swallow a gum

When gum reaches the stomach: You might have heard that once you swallow a gum, it will be in your stomach for next 7 years but it is just a myth. But now researchers have revealed that there is nothing to worry about if you swallow a gum. This gets digested like food but takes longer time.

What are the effects:
Do not worry if you swallow a gum by mistake. Because like other food, it gets digested but it takes longer to digest it. Actually there are acids and enzymes in our stomach which help to digest gum. How long does it take? Normally food gets digested after a few hours and gets our from the @nus. But when you swallow gum, it does not get digested easily in hours, it takes 2-3 days. But not everyone’s digestion is same, so in some people, it can stay for 2-5 days and for some it can take more than 3 days.

Some things related to chewing gum:
Chewing gum was discovered in 1869. When alternative for rubber were being searched, a person named Thomas Adams kept the sap of Sapodila in his mouth and he loves the taste. He thought about bringing it to the people and in 1871 he brough it in the market with the name of ‘Adam’s New York Gum’. Everyone likes it’s sticky taste and it is also very popular among kids because it does not finished while chewing. Now it is very popular in markets and people love it’s taste. So, if your child swallows a gum while chewing, there is nothing to worry about.