5 things that must be kept at home

1. Sandal wood: Sandal wood is a pure item.It’s odor helps to get rid of negative energy from the house. It also has a special importance while worshiping gods and goddesses. It is said that wearing in sandal wood tika makes heart calm.

2. Bida: Bida is favorite instrument of goddess of education and knowledge Saraswati. Keeping one in house makes everyone intelligent. It provides inspiration to be strong even during hard time.

3. Ghee: Ghee is another material which should be kept at home. It helps to keep body healthy. It is good to light fire with ghee in the evening everyday. Ghee also has an importance in pooja. So, ghee should never be missed in house.

4. Honey: According to Vastu Sastra, keeping honey in house gets rid of many sins. Honey is also important in pooja. It can be provided to any god or goddess. It is said that honey is very important in house where god is worshiped everyday.

5. Water: It is important to have water in house. It is good to have vessel full of water. When a guest arrives at hoe, first he/she should be asked for water. It is even better if someone can adjust with season. This keeps many sins away from house.