What are 2, 3, 4 and 5 G in mobile

You might have heard 2, 3 and 4G in your mobile network. So, what is this? In the area of mobile data G means generation. Or, 1G means first generation of mobile data.

In the area of mobile network, 1G started in 1991. Only phone call was available in the network and this network was very strange. But when the 2G entered the mobile network area, SMS started.

With 2G, Multimedia message also started. Similarly, functions like GPS, GPRS and EDGE entered in mobile.

The first wave of smartphone entered the market in 2001 and 3G was introduced. 3G mobile network data’s speed was 0.25 mb per sec. It was not so fast but it made internet wireless and made video calling possible.

When mobile gaming reached a new level, the speed of mobile data also increased. This introduced 4G. The 4G network allowed a movie which took 5 hours to download to be downloaded in 5 minutes. And hence, 4G network is available all over the world. But in many places even 2G is not available.

It has been said that 5G will be introduced between 2020-30. The network will be so fast that it will allow you to download a hour long HD movie in 6 seconds. What will the phone that will run with 5G look like?

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