This is why men are $c@red of commitment

Men are very forward at telling someone they love them but they are very conscious when it comes to commitment. They are scared in a way and their replies are enough to know that they do not want to be committed. Men have a thinking that when they get committed their personal freedom is taken away. They will have to be dependent on others even for small work, and not being able to make their own decisions makes them scared. Except this, there are many reasons why men are sc@red of commitment.

1. Men think that when men are very loyal towards their relationship, they are not free. Since they have different responsibilities, they are scared of commitment.

2. Some men are more focused on their career rather than their relationship. So, that is also why they are scared to get commited.

3. Men are scared of commitment if they have had bad experience in their previous relationship.

4. Many men think that their relation with friends weaken when they get committed. So, they are scared of commitment.

5. If a partner is forcing for commitment, it might have a negative impact. Men are scared of commitment because of pressure too.