Best and secure way of using A.T.M.

Due to the increasing number of banks and financial institutions, market area of these sectors are in huge amount. By using Automated Trailer Machine (A.T.M) nearby from booth, customers can withdraw the certain money at the time they needed. The main advantages of A.T.M is saving time and effort. Not only these, in many business complex, people use this card instead of money. Preventing from carrying huge amount and high security, use of A.T.M is increasing daily.

But, following these type of facilities, sometime wrong steps cause high lost of money. While using A.T.M, customers have to careful from following things according to the managing director Mr. Dhurba Kumar Paudel of Siddhartha Development Bank:

1. Keep pin of A.T.M card private and never save in phone, gmail or any other places.

2. Keep A.T.M card far from other people. Keep in own risk as possible.

3. Never ask for help inside A.T.M booth with unknown people.

4. Never wear helmet and mask inside booth.

5. After receiving A.T.M card, sign on signature panel which prevent from using A.T.M by other people.

6. Change the pin code given by bank for first time as soon as possible.

7. Always input pin number of A.T.M card staying straight of machine.

8. Be careful before using A.T.M.

9. Dispose systematically the receipt from A.T.M, not inside the dustbin at there.

10. Never told the pin number to bank staff.

11. Use high security website while using online bank system.

12. As soon possible, have to block the card if it stolen.

13. Change the pin number within certain period of time.

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