Rare disease in World

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) is that kind of disease which make another muscles or organs in human body. This is a rare type of disease in the World. Patient of FOP face their most bad time of life. They said that, think your any one body part are not working and they are like stay at same place. Organs like neck, hand, legs, shoulder are not working.

They said, if you are blocked by big ice peice and didn’t able to use and move your body parts. But, no one can feel about block themselves without any other physical appereance. Jasmin Floid, an American lady, is becoming a victim of FOP. Her muscles, ligaments and tendons are become bone with increasing time. New type of muscles are developing in her body which is rare and making her unable to do any type of activities. According to the council of FOP, around 800 people are the victim of this disease. Jasmin is one of 285 recognize victim in America. According to her, “This is most dangerous disease which cannot be control myself but it is controlling me.”

Jasmin is 23 years old lady who is unable to move her hand above her shoulder and unable to move her neck. Her close friend stay only in right side of her because she never move her muscles to left part. Due to developing more bones, she is unable to move her body. Some months ago, new bone in her right side is developing. She choose only those food items which her mouth accept it because even her mouth also cannot open fully.

There are lots of reason for developing a new bones inside body. This is due to either by mental pressure or by pressure on particulars part or by other reason. In her life, one day make her unable to move any parts of body but can wake-up. Every developing bones give pain to Jasmine. Pain can be calculated in 10-scale but sometime due to more pain, pain killer also cannot work properly and she said she have a habit of pain.

At the time of Jasmine birth, there is a small wart in her thumb. Doctors said to her parents not to take tension. But when she became 9 years, many warts are shown on her head and back bone. Her parents followed same doctors but he cannot recognize the disease. While she visited kinder garden in 1998, he felt pain in neck. Her mother think, pain is due to imbalance while sleeping. Mother was wrong when Jasmine unable to move her neck. After many check up, a doctor of Hartford consider her as a victim of FOP.

After recognizing the disease, her friends are afraid to touch her and school administration also closed the door for her. When her mother consult with teacher, gate is open but only when she put helmate on her head.