Be careful while putting CCTV Camera

You have to be careful while using Closed-circuit television (CCTV) either home or business firm, either shop or public places because before putting CCTV, permission form district administrative office. Due to the wrong use of such CCTV in many places, home ministry issue the rules and regulation for the benefits of public. Such notice includes if proprietor have to use CCTV, they have write the notice and use in open place instead of bathroom, changing room and bed room of hotel. Using CCTV in these places are strictly prohibited. But ministry of home affairs didn’t published the notice about previous set-up such CCTV.

It is silent about the old and already set-up CCTV for register or not and for following these rules or not. According to Bal Krishna Panthi, official person of home ministry, for giving security to public people and establishing good security system, these rules and regulations are made. From this, statistical data of CCTV also available all over the nation and also help in using CCTV.

What are included in published notice?
Photos and videos are keep privately. Have to consult while Nepal Police and Investigation Officers while they ask for such photos. Keep such recorded videos and photos in high security for 3 months. Never allow to use such recorded photos for advertisement purpose by modifying. Strictly prohibited for using CCTV if it is against human rights. Not allow to use CCTV in those place where VVIP and VIP persons are presented. Compulsory available of CCTV in business institutions like, banks, finance, jewelry shop and cyber cafe. Before changing in number and place of CCTV, grant the permission from district administrative orricer.