Best home remedies for the treatment of teeth pain

Pain and cavities are the normal and people are suffering from it. The main reason behind from it is careless of teeth and didn’t got washed. After cavities in teeth, it starts paining and no one can control its pain. Simple treatment cannot fix its problems because the main pain occurs on the root of teeth which can cause swelling. Therefore, you have to fix its problems as can as possible. The main treatment is consult with doctors. But besides this, home treatment are also applicable for the pain of teeth which are described below:

1. Turmeric and salt:
Mix the turmeric powder and salt with oil and use in cleaning of teeth 2 or 3 times a day which prevent from cavities.

2. Taking onion:
Onion are used specially as a treatment of teeth. But also, it can be use for the treatment of cavity too because it is a good medicine for teeth. It can control the pain of teeth and control from cavities. Use a small pieces of onion and chew it by particular teeth where pain and cavities are found.

3. Milk of tree:
It is typically called as “Chop” in Nepali which is used as a best medicine for teeth.

4. Alum:
Use of alum by mixing into hot water for cleaning of teeth can control the pain and bad smell.

5. Cloves:
Cloves are use for the paining of teeth and making food tasty. It also make body healthy and remove normal type of diseases from the body. It through out all the bacteria from the teeth which are the main cause of paining. It may take several minutes but it have many advantages.