Best sleeping position

Health is the most important thing of human life. Not only human life, it is equally important to all living creatures. Due to the busiest time schedule, today’s people cannot do their daily exercise and some work for physical fitness. People did wrong activities unknowingly which can make their health unfit. While taking breath, taking foods, walking on street, sitting on the chair and even sleeping on bed, people make their body unhealthy.

Here in the video, John, a instructor of Clark Pain Treatment Center helps to make our body healthy while sleeping. He teaches us the ways of sleeping. Here are many ways of sleeping like bending leg and giving pressure on one side, facing towards the sky, facing towards the ground and many more. But the best ways of sleeping is describe in the video.

Systematically sleeping position of bending a leg and giving pressure on one side of body is bad idea of sleeping. He also discuss about the disadvantages and effect of bad type of sleeping in the video. Another bad way of sleeping is putting a pillow between two legs which harm the waist and legs too. The best way of sleeping is to make the legs straight and put the hands on stomach by crossing the hands and facing towards the sky.