Why some ladies didn’t like to marry

Some ladies like to spend their life without marriage and $ex. There are some that type of ladies who don’t like to get married and spend their life alone. Vi!rgin)ity of such ladies is not clear but most of them said that they are still vir&gin. What is the main reason of being unmarried and protect their vir*gi%nity till de@ath?

According to psychologist, the main reason for not getting married by women is afraid of getting true love by their partner. They think the male are not serious about life and are not sincerer and they become fraud after getting married. Some ladies are stay far from love and se@xual life because they like to spend relax life alone than with their partner. They make male friends but never think about marriage and $ex*ual life. They also stay far from love life. They feel good staying along.

They don’t know about the love relationship too. They never like to stay under someone’s rules and regulation and make own rules for their own life. The didn’t like to contract with some other person for their own life. Such ladies never like to change for others. Sometimes, while making and build-up the career and doing their work, they are unable to think about love, marriage and s)ex which make them virgin and unmarried. Among them, some ladies wait for special type of man but they didn’t know about the qualities they need. They think that, if a person respect them, they feel such person is ready for doing bad activities. Similarly, if a person talk equally with them, they think that such person never do anything in their life except talking. As a result, they never get such person and spend unmarried life.