Best ways and time of drinking water

Water is the most essential things for human body after oxygen. Without water human cannot survive long and different types of disease can transmitted into human body through water. Treatment of different types of disease and germs, water is most essential. But, there is also a good time and ways of drinking water which can prevent from many disease.

Ways of drinking water:
According to Ayurveda, temperature of drinking water must not be cool than human body temperature. Maximum people drink cold water in summer season which is harm for health. Cold water make body weakness and it directly affect kidney and heart which may cause heart attack and kidney fail. Keep the clean drinking water into copper pot before sleep and drink that water into next morning after wake-up. Do this activities for 3 months which prevent from different diseases and increase immunity power into human body. It also remove dandruff and pimples. If you can, never use plastic bottles for drinking water. Similarly, never drink too much water at a same time. Drink more water for many times.

Best time of drinking water:
Taking two glass of water after wake-up. Drink before and after 30 minutes of meal which help in digestion of foods. Similarly, drinking water before half hour of bathing is good for health and can control blood pressure. Drink a glass of water before and after doing exercise which prevent from di-hydration. Drink lots of water before going outside of home.