Never use these things as a gift

Everyone will be happy after receiving a gift from others. But we cannot think about those people who give us a gift. If they have a bad intention of giving gift then, you will be in a great problem. Therefore, be careful about the gift and person who is giving gift to you.

Know the things that never accept as a gift according to astrologers.
– Never accept ai idol of animals like Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Cat as a gift.
– Never accept the poster of sinking ship as a gift and also never use such poster on home.
– Never give and accept a knife and weapons as a gift which make conflict in family members.
– Never use black color while giving gift. Black color is treated as bad and hard time.
– Shoes are the symbol of break-up so never use it for gift.
– Handkerchief is a symbol of hard time so never use it as a gift.
– In many ceremony, people use watch as a gift. But watch is a symbol of finishing good time in life.

Besides these things, idol of god, poster of Himalayas and good nature, white color clothes are use for gifts which give positive results and time.