Habits that increase life span

Key for increase the life span is on your own hands. Some habits helps to increase the life span of human and some habits decrease it. If you have such habit which helps to increase life span, continue it, if not, follow these things.

Feel 10 years younger than your age which make free from tension and increase immunity power, according to physician. Feeling yourselves as a whole life is trust which make able to face the obstacles and problems. Socialistic people are healthy and vice-versa. Therefore, those people who are connected with friends and society makes your health good. Feeling relax in life is an art which teaches us to ways of spending life. For example, a person is feeling relax in some parties or while gathering with friends, that is the best time and he feel that his life is all of ceremony. Those people are far from ‘Dementia’ caused by ‘Cortisol’ hormone which affect mind power.

If you like to walking instead of using vehicle, you are physically and mentally fit. Daily physical activities prevent from heart problem and mental problems. Due to the busiest life of human, they haven’t time to do household activities. Cleaning of house, washing clothes, bathing and other simple activities also prevent from different diseases. Stress is the main reason for physical and mental pressure which decrease the life span.