Are you using a mobile phone in toilet

This is the time of technology and mobile phone is most essential for human beings. Most of the people have a habit of using mobile phone into toilet or bathroom, which affect your physical, mental and social fitness. Doing chat, playing game on mobile phone or talking through mobile while into bathroom or toilet are the bad things for health which make unhealthy. These also cause de@ath. According to physician, major health problems are occurred due to using mobile phones in bathroom and toilet. Things that are use outside the toilet never be use into it.

While do flush or put water into the toilet, urine and other bad elements move up some feet which cannot seen by our naked eyes. Such bad elements mix with air cause health problems. As many times you flush the toilet, many germs mix with air. Our ancestor said that never open the mouth while in toilet because bad germs enter into our body through mouth.

Maximum germs are presented on paper holder into toilet. Many people kept their mobile phone on paper holder which make easy to transfer the germs and bacteria. We use the same mobile in our daily life where many germs are presented and take meals by same hands which touched to mobile. If you are a addict of using mobile phone in bathroom, use spirit for washing mobile many times.