Ways of increase the vision of eye in 7 days

In Ayurveda, word ‘Triphala’ are the most important and most efficient as well as effective fruits which can prevent from different types of diseases. “Triphala” is made by three fruits which are “Herro, Barro and Amala”. The dust of these three fruits is called ‘Triphala’.

Know about the advantages of these fruits are important for all people. It is a type of anti-biotic which is easily found in Ayurvedic shop. But the main things is how and how much for the Triphala. Latest investigation prove that it also control the cell of Cancer from increasing. It also through out the disease of head, urine and skin from the body.

Advantages of Triphala:
It prevent from tonsils. It helps to increase the visibility of eye. It also prevent the skin problem while taking after mix with honey. It also prevent from constipation. For this, mix the dust of Triphala with hot water and drink before sleep. It also prevent from digestion problems. It also prevent from eye problem like pain of eyes, night blindness after washing by water and its dust. Also use it with honey which prevent from eye problems. It also prevent from fatness. It also prevent from wound of mouth while washing by water and its dust. Taking 5 grams of its dust can prevent from skin problems.