Bad smell from legs

Are you felling bad smell while put-off your shoes after sometimes of wearing it? Here are some home remedies that make your glad instead of feeling sad and nervous due to bad smell of legs. Some simple and easy tricks can remove your bad smell.

Tea: Acid available in tea can cause positive effect. Boil the tea for 15 hours and sink your legs into it for 30 minutes. Acid available in tea kills the germs and bacteria which cause smell on your legs. Do it daily for a week, you get results. Using branded socks and shoes: If you use shoes and socks regularly and using same design of socks can also control your bad smell from legs. Nilon and other artificial socks can produce sweat on your legs, results bad smell. If you have a problem of more smell on legs, always carry extra pair of socks in your pocket or bag. At last, wear that type of shoes which contain hole for entering air.

Venegar: Mix half spoon of apple venegar with half liter water and put your legs into the mixture which control the bad smell and kills all bacteria of legs. Baking soda and lemon: These elements also prevent the bad smell, kills bacterial and stop coming sweat from legs. Mix 1/4 of baking soda with a liter of water and lemon juice. Use the mixture on legs, results stop bad smell. Potassium alum: It control the sweating on legs and also damage the sweat gland in legs. Use a liter of water mix with 4 spoon of potassium alum and put your legs into it for half hour.