Never do these by male

$perm Count of male depends upon various things. There are some habits which make sperm decrease in human body of male. According to physician, the temperature of testicle is 1 degree more than the temperature of body. If the temperature of testicle increase, producing of $perm will decrease. Here are some habits that will increase the temperature of testicle.

Tight pant: Daily wearing of tight pant by male will increase the temperature of testicle. Addicted: If a person is addict of any !nj*ur!ous things like alcohol, smoking and others, creates stress hormone result decrease in $perm. Laptop in legs: If you are using a laptop putting into your legs or thigh, temperature of laptop goes into testicle and decrease in $perm.

Sleep less:If you are not sleep well for less than 7 hours a day, hormone which gives pressure will produce in to body cause imbalance in blood circulation which directly affect in $perm count. Coffee: Coffee contain coffin which increase stress hormone and results decrease in $perm. Feeling tension: It also decrease the sperm level of male.