Methods for loosing body weight

Nowadays, people are busy and suffers from different physical health problems, mainly fatness. Due to busy time schedule and imbalance time of taking food, fatness become a serious problem which is a starting phase of different types of health problems. Fatness is not a cause of some month activities, based on long time careless about health. If you are like to loose weight, it doesn’t loose immediately, takes more time. Here are some remedies for weight loss.

1. Honey and lemon:
After wake-up, drink a fresh water mix with honey and lemon which helps to decrease fat from body.

2. Walk:
As much as you walk, as much as decrease the calories of body. Walk in morning time 5 kilometers per day. Use stairs instead of lift and visit nearby places by foot instead of vehicle. Use cycle to travel short distance place. Walk on stairs of house for 30 minutes which helps to control fatness of body. At least, you have to walk 45 minutes per day.

3. Drink water after breakfast:
Eat oranges, tea, milk and other items which contain lots of water as breakfast. Besides these, drink more water all over a day time which helps to decrease 250 calories per day.

4. Eat many times in little amount:
According to a investigation from South Africa, a human can get 30% less calories who eats many times but in little amount than of who eat few times but in huge amount.

5. Use small plate while taking food:
Maximum people use large plate to take food and they think it is better to eat than throw the food item. Due to these, calories in body increase cause fatness. So use small plate while taking food and use small cup for coffee and tea.

6. Eat such foods which contain lots of water:
While taking such type of foods which contain lots of water, it helps to decrease fatness and also helps to maintain balance weight of body. According to the investigation of Pennsylvania State University, cucumber, tomato, bottle gourd are those foods which contain more water and less calories.

7. Drink milk less fat:
Use less fat milk which making tea and coffee which contain more calcium and less fat.

8. Take home made food:
As can as possible, eat that food which are cooked in home instead of hotels and restaurant. Foods of hotels and restaurant contain more oil and fat. Similarly, soda water, ice cream, frozen food items, sweets, packing foods and fried foods re contain more fat which have to avoid by human beings.

9. Eat after feeling hungry:
While feeling lazy, nervous and habits of taking food items, people eat more food which is bad for health. Eat only after feeling hungry.

10. Do hard work once a week:
Do hard work once a week like washing vehicles, visiting some places with families, help in household work, cleaning road, house, garden and surroundings.

11. Eat light foods in night:
As more mote you eat in day time, eat as less in night time. According to some investigation, calories from day food are use in night time. So, take light foods instead of rice and other heavy food items in day time.

12. Dance and swim:
As you manage a free time, start dance in room which gives entertainment as well as helps to reduce calories of body. If possible, go for swimming which make your body fit.

13. Drink lots of water before meal:
Drink 3 glass water before taking meal which fill the empty stomach and people feel less hunger. As a result, people eat less food.

14. Calculate calories:
If you are taking food per day which have 1800 calories, it doesn’t helps to reduce weight. Increase it by 10% which results 1980 calories per day. It helps to decrease fat and weight too.

15. Make a note:
According to a article published in america, people who make daily notes about taking food items are taking 15% less food than other people.

16. Cumin:
As per new and latest investigation, cumin helps to reduce fat from body. Use a spoon of cumin and mix with water before sleep and take it into next morning. Eat all cumin by chewing it. But, never eat any food items before one hour of taking cumin water.

These are the some home remedies to loose the weight. Always believe on what your are doing for loosing weight. For example you are doing some normal exercise and think that it will not reduce weight, truly your weight will not decrease. Always think positive before doing any work.

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