Things that make good luck

There is a great saying that, there is no any religion greater that good work but in Hindu society, both work and religion are equally important. All things have their own norms and values in Hindu society. Here are some things according to Hindu community or religion which makes your luck strong and good.

Om: This is a signal of whole universe which is made by three Nepali letters symbolically of three great gods of Hindu, Bramaha, Bishnu and Maheswor. Similarly, this word ‘Om’ also denotes Land, Air and Heaven. Swastika: It is a symbol of power, good luck, happiness and bright future which is basically used while worshiping lord Ganesha, goddess Laxmi and Durga. This symbol have four sides where “Agni, Indra, Barun ann Soma” are situated and “Saptarshi” also use this symbol to get knowledge. Bell: As per Hindu culture, a place is contain happiness, good environment and pure cultural community where bell ring. It avoid negative power in society which cause make good time. Vase: It is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Use a leaves of mango and put a coconut on the top of vase for making happiness in home.

Conch: It is a priceless things among 14 things found in ancient time. It is also called as goddess Laxmi because it is found nearby of Laxmi. As a result, home which contain conch earn more property and also clean the environment. Light: Beautiful and prestigious work with culture is obtain only from oil light which is also a source of light and f!re. Traditional light are of mud which contain 5 elements, mud, air, water, sky and f!re. It is essential in Hindu society. Flute: This is a lovely musical instrument of Lord Krishna which helps to establish good relationship in family members with lots of love. It is also a symbol of progress. Lightining Saligram: It is also equally important and luckiest according to Hindu community with idol of lord Shiva. Peacock feather: House which contain feather of peacock never suffers from ghost and other bad things. According to Hindu, keeps 3 to 5 feathers of peacock for making good and familiar house.