These things makes you unemployment

Are you feeling stress due to unemployment? What types of mistakes are consider for rejecting after interview. For getting job and being employment, these 10 things are necessary to earn money.

1. Make yourself branding:
We have to know your capacity and make branded as your capacity. Make your CV or Bio-Data in such a way that where all your qualifications are properly shown. And also reason for selecting in particular job.

2. Never recognize own importance:
The main mistake is how much you are able to get salary from a particular job. For these, you can know from different websites and also know after consult with previous and old workers.

3. Never silence after applying for job:
If you are apply for job through online, never stay silence and tries to consult with department manager which helps to show your profile clearly.

4. Staying out of contact:
If you are searching for job, always keep in touch with different sector people. If possible, make tea, coffee time and make friends of new sectors. It makes to find out more job vacancies.

5. Process of Bio-Data:
Make your CV or bio-data as per job vacancy. Using same and similar bio-data in different job vacancies is not good, use new style bio-data or CV.

6. Study about organization:
The main mistake of people is they never study about the organization which announce for job. Before facing interview in organization, know its rules and regulations, ways of doing work and mission. Also see the profile and background of company’s investors.

7. Using time in same place:
Never think positive from single place for job. If the particular company is asking time on time for you, apply in another organization.

8. Being passive:
Until you get new job and organization, do old work efficiently and effectively. If you are trying to do work in another organization, make your work good and efficient first.

9. Doing work before think:
Many of use while searching for job, we can do any type of work without knowing about company profile, objectives and mission. We do such job apart from our skill. This is a great mistake.

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