Easily find out the passwords of Gmail

Those people who use internet facilities have gmail account because of its many features and fast service. Not only these, gmail provides 15 GB free cloud backup for their account holder. But the main thing that should be know and remember by gmail users is it is very easy to h@ck the password of gmail.

How to cr@ck the password and remain safe:
This methods can only applicable which gmail account password are save in internet browser. If the password is save in google chrome, it will be easy to know password from ‘Manage Password’ of ‘Settings’. But for these, you have to know the password of computer. Here are some pictures that shows the methods that c!r@cks the password of gmail.

How to be safe?
1. Never give your computers, laptops and mobile cell phone to others.

2. Use password in computer that make safe.

3. If you are using a public laptop and computer, never choose save password options while open gmail.

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