Preventing measure of ear problems

There are many people who are suffers from ear problems and maximum have paining on ear and loss of hear power. It seems a simple type of problems in ear but have very d@ngerous results in future. Not only these, problem of ear can transfer to other organs also. All age group people of both gender are suffering from ear problems. In our country, these problems are in more amount.

Problems in ear
Ear is made up of three layers; outside, middle and inner. Middle part of ear is directly affected by germs and bacteria and bad liquid is formed into ear. This liquid travel outside of ear which is called as problem in ear. This problem is more in children than of adult and old age people because they have same nerve of neck and ear. While a children are suffering from neck problem, they suffer from ear problems too. But while they turn into adult and matured, that nerves bend and these type of problems not occur easily.

Main reason of ear problems in children:
1. Drop of milk into ear while breast feeding
2. Using contaminated water for bathing.
3. Acc!dent, qu@rrel or pressure on ear.
4. Problems in neck.
5. Common cold for long time.
6. Using of pin, match stick, feather of birds for washing ear is bad which is directly affect auditory canal of ear.

How ear problems cause decrease in hear power
Continuous problems in ear can cause decrease hear power. Bad liquid into ear can affect all part of ear and also attracts germs. It may cause hole in auditory canal if people careless about their ear. It may cause following health problems:
1. Fever.
2. Swelling in back part of ear.
3. In some, bending of mouth due to ear problems.
4. Dizziness.

Measure remedies from ear problem:
1. Be careful while breast feeding to child.
2. Control sneezing while suffers from common cold.
3. Never use oil in ear.
4. Use cotton with glycerin while taking bath and swim.
5. Never use feather and other pin to ear.
6. Always keep ear save in winter season.
7. Never use medicine before consult with doctors.

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