Which age group people take what quantity of egg in what disease

The quantity of taking eggs per day is different with age of people, their weight, climate of surrounding and physical fitness. Medical dietitian Dr. Amita Singh gives the all notice to people about which age group people take the what quantity of egg on what type of diseases. Egg contain lots of protein and body needs carbohydrate to digest the eggs. If you are taking egg, also eat carbohydrate food items like, milk, ghee or bread.

Nutrition that are included in an egg are:
1. Protein :31 gram
2. Calories: 70 grams
3. Sodium: 63 milligram
4. Fat: 4 grams
5. Potassium : 59 milligram

At the age of 5-10:
Take an egg per day but if your babies are fat, give without yellow part, if not give with yellow part.

Age of 10-15 years:
Take an egg with yellow part and another one without yellow part

Age of 15-20 years:
Take 3 or 4 eggs a day but if you are taking paneer and meat, decrease the quantity of egg.

Age of 20-30 years:
Take 2 eggs with or without yellow parts according to your age.

Age of 30-40 years
Take two eggs without yellow part.

Age of 40-50 years:
In this age group also take 2 eggs per day without yellow part because metabolism into body is in decreasing way.

Age of 50-60:
An egg without yellow part because it may cause heart problems.

While pregnant:
Take two eggs per day with yellow part.

Patient of heart and high blood pressure:
Take 3 eggs without yellow parts in a week. It contain cholesterol which are not good for heart patient and high blood pressure. So try to avoid egg.

Patient of Kidney:
Take 4 eggs without yellow parts per day. Egg contain magnesium which prevent from kidney problem.

Eat 4 to 5 eggs per day which contain calcium and iron for developing new cell.

Take 2 eggs per day with yellow part which contain amino acid, selenium which control the level of thyroid.

Body builders:
Take 12 to 13 eggs per day which is the good source of protein.

Advantages of egg:
1. It contains vitamin B12 and Colin which make mind sharp.
2. It contain iron which prevent from anemia.
3. It contain vitamin D which prevent from joint pain.
4. It contain vitamin A in huge amount which is essential for eyes.