Peanut for babies, prevent from allergies

If you are in tension about the allergies of your children, peanut is effective for such allergies. Give the peanut to babies after completion 4 months which prevent from allergies in future. According to the study did by researchers in America, peanut prevent the babies from allergy about in 80%.

‘The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease of America’ said that this one is the most applicable research to all people of World. But it is danger to give a seed of peanut to 4 month babies. Use the paste of peanut and give it to the babies. Allergy is increasing in American countries. As comparison of 2008, allergy is increase by four times in current year. Not only in American countries, allergy is increasing in Asian and African countries too.

Peanut can prevent from allergy of babies is not yet known to people. Many parents think that, peanut cause cough and common cold for babies and avoid giving peanut to babies. But the latest investigation and research, peanut is useful for the babies which helps in prevention of allergies. But the seed of peanut directly give to children only after three years.