Chinaberry for different health problems

Chinaberry is the most useful plants which is a medicine for different health problems, found in hilly region of Nepal. Due to medical treatment, side effect of medicine occurs in human body. It is a home made medicine which have not any side effect. Here are some advantages and usefulness of Chinaberry.

1. Arthritis:
Make a paste of Chinaberry and seeds of spinach, use for Arthritis which is very useful for it.

2. Freeze of blood:
Make a paste of leaves of Chinaberry and use on that part where blood is freeze.

3. Itching problems:
Make a paste of flower of Chinaberry and use on itching parts.

4. Ringworm:
Mix 10 leaves of Chinaberry with 10 leaves of Neem and make a paste which use on ringworm parts.

5. Stone:
A spoon of Juice of Chinaberry leaves take two times a day; morning and night which can remove the stone of kidney and gall bladder.

6. Tapeworm:
Boil 50 grams Chinaberry with 300 grams water for 30 minutes and take it 1 spoon at a time for two times a day. It can remove the tapeworm from body of all age group people.

7. Mensuration of women:
It can also make a time period of mensuration effective and can control the high bleeding.