Advance and fast computer than laptop and desktop

Computer researcher and scientist make a blue print of that type of computer which will be more faster, technological and advanced computer. Such computer change the revolution in computer World. In comparison of present days computer, it will have high capacity. According to the scientist, they got the success from big and great obstacles. Such computer can able to work in very micro parts which contain two types of function at once. In these days, proto-type of such computer are developing.

Professor Winfried Hensinger Sussex from Quantum Group of Oxford University is a head of the group and leading the research. Using of this type of computer may change the life style of human being. According to him, “We can do such type of work which we never think and even not seen in our dream.” Before this, many quantum computer were made only for the examination of principles and theories.

The main problems of such quantum is have to focus on laser. As the size of computer is big, number of laser also increase and faults also increase. But Hensinger follow the different technology. They made Oyan Trap device from micro-web and electricity. Within two years, the prototype of this quantum computer will have finished, according to him. They use all the technologies for make prototype from blue-print. But it will more costly.