Are you purchasing new laptop? Concentrate on these things

Due to the developing of powerful smartphone, consumption of laptos is decreasing. But also, some hard and great work don’t be finished with smartphone, we need laptops. If you are like to purchase new laptop, be careful about these things. Here are the important things.

1. Screen Size:
The main thing is screen size. If your work is done by travelling one place to another, purchase a laptop of 12 to 14 inches screen laptops because it is easy to carry it. But such type of smaller laptops have some disadvantages. It has small keyboard and battery. If you are searching for high back-up laptops, purchase 15.6 inches to 17 inches laptops.

2. New design:
As per the changing time, models of laptop are also changing. Maximum laptops display rotate all around. The main purpose of such feature is, you can use the display of laptop by making tablet too. It is also usable but never be like traditional laptops.

3. Ports:
Old laptops contain lots of ports like “s-video, VGA, fire-wire, multiple, audio jack, multiple USB ports”. Nowadays, size of laptops are decreasing as with the ports. Some ultra-thin design laptops contain few number of ports.

4. Optical drive and hard drive:
Many laptops remove their optical drive. But you can find the optical drive in 15.6 inches laptops. Costly and expensive laptops include flash best storage (SSD) which are most expensive, light and speed.

5. Touch screen laptops:
There are many advantages of touch screen but the screen become unclear fast rather than untouchable screen. Touch screen laptops are only beneficial for busiest and business people. Such laptops are appropriate to open large and big folders, pictures and documents.

6. Weight and battery life:
Some years ago, the weight of laptops were minimum 3 kilograms and its battery run for maximum 3 hours. But nowadays, more battery performance and less weight laptops are available in market. They are not so costly. Life of battery is more than 5 hours in present time laptops.

7. Graphics Card Performance:
Some laptops contain integrate graphics chip which is useful for multimedia, basic games and other daily used application. If your necessities are games and professional graphics with video editing, this application is useful.