Using smartphone? Know these 8 things

What is the first question towards seller which purchasing smartphone by you? If you compare the quality of such smartphone with only price, it is not so good. Here we conclude some of such things which you have to know it before purchase smartphone. If you know such things only, you can able to buy smartphone.

1. mAh power:
Milli ampere hour power means the battery energy of any device. It means the higher mAh power is having higher battery capacity.

2. Resolution:
It describes the quality and ability of screen. Higher the resolution power, higher the quality of display.

3. Megapixel:
The main function of megapixel of camera is increase the size and quality of pictures. Higher the megapixel camera in smartphone, higher the quality of pictures.

4. Buffer:
Buffer is a type of loudspeaker device which change the high frequencies of sound to low frequencies.

5. 64 bit processor:
It is the capacity of processor. Having such high processor in smartphone conclude the more RAM, high memory, high power battery backup and qualitative camera.

6. Hotspot:
It is such application which can share the WiFi connection of one device to other smartphone.

In general, it is the type of 3G technology in smartphone.

8. 4K display quality:
It means the smartphone contain 8 times more HD quality in display. The resolution capacity of 4K display quality is 4 thousands pixel resolution.
Source: Onlinekhabar