8 ways that control hair fall for men

1. Coconut milk and Phyllanthus emblica:
Make a mixture of a spoon of coconut oil, a spoon of Phyllanthus emblica juice and lemon juice. Use it while massage hairs and keep it for half hours. Wash it by fresh and clean water.

2. Coconut oil and fenugreek:
Boil the mixture of coconut oil and fenugreek paste for some minutes. Give the massage on hairs by using such mixture for 10 minutes and keep it for 20 minutes. Wash it by fresh water. Follow this process for 3 times.

3. Curd and gram flour:
Make a mixture of 3 spoon of curd with a pouch of gram flour. Wash it after 30 minutes. Follow this process twice a week which control hair fall.

4. Honey and Olive Oil:
Make a mixture of two spoon of honey with 3 spoon of olive oil and use in hairs. Wash it after 30 minutes. Follow this process twice a weeks for a month which control hair fall.

5. Onion juice and honey:
Mix a spoon of onion and honey which use in hairs for a month, prevent from hair fall.

6. Egg and Olive oil:
Use an egg and olive oil twice a week on hairs which prevent from hair fall. Mix 3 spoon of olive oil with an egg and use it on hairs for 30 minutes and wash.

7. Egg and lemon:
Mixture of egg and lemon make black and thick hairs.

8. Mehendhi leaves:
Boil the leaves of mehendhi with 3 spoon of mustard oil which control hair fall and also helps to grow new hairs. Follow this steps twice a week.
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