Wearing tight jeans cause waist problems

Everyone likes attractive, fashionable and beautiful dress-up. But, more fashionable clothes, shoes, slippers and other similar things arise problems while sitting and standing up as well affect health of human. According to the research of BPA (British psychotropics association), tight jeans, tie, watch, t-shirt, skirt, hill shoes and heavy hand bag cause health problems too.

1. Tight jeans:
Tight jeans cause unable to do work easily. Also it stops and arise problems in blood circulation. Such tight jeans affect more thigh of women and pelvic.

2. Heavy hand bag:
Carrying heavy hand bag is the major problems of back and shoulder. Heavy hand bag give more pressure on shoulder.

3. Heavy jacket:
Heavy jacket with cap cause the pressure on head and neck which cause the pain on nerves and muscles of back neck parts.

4. High heels and shoes:
High heels make the body constant, it means women unable to move or bend their body as previous after wearing high heels. It cause back pain and problems in bones as well as joints. It also cause pain on feet and back.

Stretchable jeans, light hand bags, light clothes can be the measure remedies which control such pain. These things are not the medicine of above health problems. Here are some suggestion for people:
– Being active every time
– Sleep well
– Never get tension and stress
– Always maintain your body weight
– Be careful about your health