Health problems due to imbalance hormone

Dry skin, increase in weight, problems in sleeping or more asleep are the symptoms of problems in health. Specially, these type of problems arises due to imbalance of hormone.

What is hormone?
It is a chemical messenger of body which flows into body through blood tissues. It works slowly in human body and effect more. It’s functions are:
– Development of body.
– Metabolism
– $exu@l life.
– Reproduction
– Mood.

Symptoms of imbalance hormone:
1. Increase in weight:
For healthy body, healthy lifestyle is needed. But, these type of situation doesn’t apply with all people. Sometimes, due to the changing hormone, weight of body increases. At this, avoid, paddy, millet and processed foods with sugar.

2. Fat in stomach:
While the negative or opposite impact upon endocrine system arises, it starts collecting fat into stomach. Due to this, weight starts increase and body feel tired every-time.

3. Decrease $ex power:
It starts with lack of sleeping time because $ex hormone only produce after deep sleep. It is the major symptom of changing hormone.

4. Tiredness:
Doing more work make tired. But every time feeling tiredness is the health problem due to changing of hormone. At that time, you have to change your diet.

5. Stress and tension:
Playing things in mind, feeling tension and stress are also cause due to changing hormone. At that time, eat healthy diet, do physical exercise, Yoga and other simple exercise.

6. More sweat:
More sweat at night time is the symptom of changing hormone.

How to balance hormone?
– Avoid high omega-3 poly-unsaturated fats which is helpful to develop more hormone in body.
– Decrease the level of coffee and tea. These type of drinks cause opposite impact on endocrine system.
– Never use plastic materials because it contain lots of chemical which d@mage the natural hormone. Always use steel and copper utensil.
– Use coconut oil as diet with foods which make hormone balanced.
– Do simple physical exercise because heavy exercise can change the hormone.
– Take healthy diet like carrot which contain lots of fiber, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower which outflow the toxin and balance hormone of body.
– Take green tea which is beneficial for metabolism and bu#rn the fat from body. It is also beneficial for hormone to keep it balance.
– Always eat fresh fruits and avoid dry fruits.
– Always take curd which keep the healthy bacteria in balance form.

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