Six Diseases caused due to Artery and nerve problems

If a person have problem in vascular system it is known as vascular disease and surgery of this disease is known as vascular surgery. Problems caused by nerve damage and artery can be solved with the help of surgery.Open surgery is known as vascular surgery similarly surgery done making a small hole is known as endovascular surgery.

Generally, people are suffering from this problem who have habit of smoking ,have diabetes and more than 50 years old.problem on leg (Diabetic foot), leg attack,Brain attack, varicose vein,Leg swelling are the included in vascular disease.

1.Diabetic foot: Every year thousands of people are becoming victim of diabetes.Diabetes patients must be careful about the wound on legs.sometimes due to unaware on this simple things legs can be cut.

2. Leg @ttack : If pain is feel in fingers and feet while walking there is a possibility of vascular disease.Leg attack may be the first symptom of this disease.Leg attack is more dangerous than heart attack.If it is cured at starting may not be a big issue but it is not done and if it became late, open surgery can be done to cure this problem.people who have habit of smoking,high blood pressure,high cholesterol and more than 50 years old are mostly suffered from this problem.

3.Brain @ttack: This is another problem of vascular. Due to various reason sometimes Carotid arteries became tights which supplies blood in brain. Brain attack can be cured by open surgery.High blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are the main reason for this problem.

4.Varicose Vein : problem on feet pain, swollen should be cure in time otherwise it may cause ulcers.This can be cure by vascular surgeon using modern technology which is called endovenous thermal ablation.Mostly pregnant ladies, fat persons and who have to stand for long times are suffering from this kind of problem.

5. Leg swelling: Leg swelling is due to Varicose vein,Limfedema, heart failure, kidney failure etc.If legs are starting swelling do visit to surgeon.

6.Aneurysm : aneurysm is caused due to swelling of artery which is the most serious reason behind vascular disease.In this endovascular aneurysm repair is done.