Careful if your child is using smartphones

Do you let your kids to use smartphones,be careful it really harms. As a parent,you must take care to minimize the harmful effects of smartphones. Scientist found that use of smart phones reduce sleep of child,they waste time playing with it instead of sleeping.Hour spend with touch screen reduce 15 min to kids sleep. But it is also found that kids playing touch screen have good muscles ability.Day by day touch screen tools are increasing at home which have harmful affects on child.Children absorb more than 60 percent of the radiation into the brain than adults. Their brain’s thinner skin, tissues, and bones allow them to absorb the radiation twice than the grown-ups.

In a research London international university asked 715 parents that how many hours their kids play with smart phones and sleep.It was found that 75% of kids used to play with smart phones daily and among.Similarly,kids who do not use smart phones is 51% and they are 6-11 months old.Kids who spent lots of time on smart phones fells sleep more in a day and less in night.According to a source it is informed that a hour spent with touch screen reduce 15 sleep of child.