Do this,if you have eyesight problems

In a present condition, people from each house are suffering from eyes problem.Most people have eye problems at one time or another. Eyestrain,red eyes,night blindness,dry eyes,vision changes in eyes are some common eyes problems.Sometimes the problem lies with the nerves that carry signals between the eye and brain, or with the visual centers in the brain, but these are relatively uncommon.

Some people have low vision problem by birth some caused by situations.It makes our daily life difficult. We faces problem to eat,sit,to that we must be careful and sensible about eyes.

What should eye sight be:

We do not have equal eye sight.Some of us have good vision who can see each object clearly but some cannot. There is a simple method to know your eye sight is good or not. Put something of particular shape at some distance and check the ability of eyesight.Normally, eye sight is measured by 3 or 6 meter chart putting it in 40 centimeter distance from eyes,with the help of this it can be found that who have good vision,who have poor vision,eye sight problem or blindness.

Causes of eye sight :

some people loses eye sight from birth where as some lose it by various infections. Eye sight may lose due to the lack of treatment of eyes problems. Continue reading at light,writing,regular watching of computer and touch screen,contact with polluted and harmful air, digestive problems,lack of diets and lack of vitamin A causes eye sight problems.Consumption of liquor is also responsible for eye sight.

Eyes can be prevented by special treatment and surgery. But we must be alert about simple things in our daily life.

1. Protect eyes from dirt,pollution,light,harmful chemicals.Always wear a glass.
2.Eyes and nearer eyes part must be cleaned regularly.It should be clean.wash it well before sleep.
3.Control high blood pressure,diabetes,it makes the vision of eye weak.
4.Do not use medicines on eyes before consult to doctor.
5.Eat a nutritious diet for eyesight.Give your eyes some much needed rest
6.Do not rub your eyes if something get inside.

Home treatments:

Vision problems are quickly becoming a common disease in this day and age.
1.People who have low vision,drink carrot juice and include green vegetables in food.
2.Eat vitamin A containing food like carrot,orange,papaya,yellow colored vegetables,coriander,fish,eggs etc.
3.Cataract problem is caused due to the lack of vitamin C.Consume lemon,orange and tomato to get vitamin c.
4.Food contains almonds,omega-3,fatty acids,vitamin E and anti oxidants helps to prevent from low vision.

What are other methods:

1.wet 10 almonds all night,peel the cover and make a paste of it.Drink almond paste and milk regularly.
2. Boil some cardamom dust with milk and drink it at night.It makes your eyes healthy.
3.Boil Coriander and 1/3 of sugar and let it cool for sometime and filter it with the help of neat cotton cloth and drink it.