What should eat in first month of pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time during which a child develops inside a woman. Women go through many changes during each stage of pregnancy. However women are unaware about pregnancy in first month. when mensuration period stops then they know about it. at that period it is already two to two and half weeks pregnancy. In the first month of pregnancy,you must be more careful. Weakness and tiredness is the common symptom of pregnancy.It is a good time to start healthy eating habits.

1.Folic acid foods:
Folic acid is an important nutrient for a healthy pregnancy.It helps to make the extra blood which is necessary and body need it during pregnancy. Doctors suggest the pregnant lady to eat such foods which is very essential for fetus development.

2.Vitamin B-6:
In the early stage of pregnancy vitamin B-6 is very important.Fish,almonds,banana,chicken breast,sweet potato etc are rich in Vitamin B-6.

Fruits are an important food group that you need to incorporate into your routine diet. Fruits provide you and your baby with important nutrients like that helps in developing the tissue and cell development, also foundation for a stronger immune system. Do not eat pineapple and papaya during pregnancy.

4.Milk products:
If a pregnant lady drink 1 liter of milk per day,it is very good. Milk products like curd,cheese,paneer are very beneficial. Milk products provide calcium,protein and other nutrients which helps to build healthy tissue.

5.Iron containing food:
Iron containing food should be consumed during pregnancy.When body have enough iron it helps in blood circulation.So that in the first stage of pregnancy foods rich in iron should eaten.Dried fruits,beans eggs yolk,meat are very helpful in preventing anemia.