Mistakes men does in daily life

Men do lot of mistakes in style and fashion related things every day. What you wear and how you wear plays a important role in your personality. Here are some mistakes which men does everyday affect badly in personality.

1. Same color clothes and shoes:
When you get ready to go out, do not try to match color of dresses you are wearing.Do not do mistake of wearing red shirt with shoes and yellow with yellow shoes,it do not looks good.

2. Blocking colors at same time:
Do not wear light clothes at same time. color blocking kills your looks. Color blocking is a way where you can wear 2 or 3 brights colors at the same time.

3. Wearing boxer with skinny jeans:
Skinny jeans and boxer do not look good. Boxer is loose and it do not look attractive with skinny jeans.

4. Same color shirt and tie:
Do not wear same color shirt and tie at same time.Use printed shirt and plain tie,it looks attractive.

5.Wearing unnecessary long trousers:
Never wear over long trousers covering your shoe less. If it is too long,cut it and make it fit.

6.Cleaning shoes regularly:
If you do not polish your shoes regularly,clean it with a cotton cloth.Sports shoes can be cleaned with wet cloth.

7.Wearing shirt with dirty color:
Most of the men do not care about their shirt color.But, do not wear shirt with a dirty color.

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