Eat these foods for whitening your skin

All the people want to look beautiful,white skin looks more attractive and beautiful.Some people do not like to have black skin.They used various beauty products to whitening their skin.Here are some home remedies which helps in the whitening of skin. According to the expert on diet it is proved as the beneficial food for our health.

1.Black chickpeas:
It contains fiber and antioxidant which helps to make skin white.Black chickpeas contains high calorie and a great source of fiber which keeps the digestive system stronger.

2.Rock salt:
Rock salt makes bones strong and reduce anemia.It is rich in iron and calcium.It makes skin soft and beautiful looking.

3.Black sesame:
Sesame seeds are so nutritious which contains fiber and potassium. It is very good to human body.It i said that regular use of black sesame seeds helps in digestive system and prevent from heart diseases.

4.Black coffee:
We all love to drink black coffee it reduce kidney problems and makes the skin glow and soft.

5.Black grapes:
It is rich in carbohydrates and it is very essential to remove makes muscles strong and makes skin clean.

6.Dark chocolates:
Dark chocolates like dairy milk,kit kat are beneficial to us.It contains flavonoids which prevent from heart diseases. It keeps person’s mood fresh.

7.Black pepper:
It is rich in protein which helps to reduce wight and makes bones strong.It makes skin soft and glowing.

8.Black tea:
Regular consumption of black tea reduces stress in human’s life and changes the color of skin too.It is rich in amino acid and anti oxidant.