Tips to control hair fall

All people love to have a beautiful and soft hair. Some people want to keep long hair where as some like short one.Thick and beautiful hair gives you a better look.It adds some kind of image and natural looking beauty to your personality.But hair fall is the problem to most of the people.It may be caused due to the adoption of unhealthy lifestyles,poor diets,pollution and stress.If you have problem of hair fall and looking for solution,here are some tips which controls hair fall.

1.Wash your hair 2-3 times in a week.
2.Use sulphate free shampoo to control hair fall.
3.Use of conditioner.
4.Avoid hair dryer to dry your hair.
5.Do not use heat on hair.
6.Avoid chemicals while you are making curly hair.
7.Cut your hair time to time.
8.Do not comb wet hair.
9.Avoid hair colors,it is harmful to hair.
10.Use almond or coconut oil,apply and massage lightly on your head.

Besides these diet also plays a important role to control hair fall. Specially plant such as cucumbers,beans,potatoes are rich in the mineral silica and contribute to hair strength.