4 home remedies that remove wastage of ear

Ear is one of the sensitive organs and is a important organ among five. We have to clean our ear. Ear contain lots of harmful elements and wastage which become serious problems for ear. This type of things cause loss of hearing power, pain in ear and others. We can easily remove the wastage and other bad elements from ear.

Wastage of ear is like lubricant oil which is made by de@th cells. Our ear contain small types of hairs which protect the wastage materials to enter into ear and prevent from block@de of sound panel. It may cause different ears problems and ear pain. Here are some home remedies which make our ear clean and fresh.

1. The most common and traditional way to clear ear is dropping the peanut oil into ear and sleep for a while. Doing this makes the wastage in liquid form which later outflow from ear.

2. You can also mix mustard oil with peanut oil. But, the quantity of peanut oil must be more. This mixture also makes the wastage material outflow.

3. Likewise mustard and peanut oil, you can also use baby oil for ear wash. But mixing of mustard oil and baby oil have the higher proportion of mustard oil. But you have to consult doctors if it occurs pain.

4. Never use pin and cotton to wash your ears. Ears are most sensitive and important organs, so never use pins to remove wastage from ear.